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Lean Internationalization


company2newmarket® is a lean global market development process

C2NM is a specialist of lean global internationalization using its theoretically and practically proven market development process company2newmarket®. This includes integrated on- and offline distribution channels like social media as well as big data and predictive analytics. Thus, C2NMs' clients internationalize early, fast, and successful.

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Digital Internationalization

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statforce® is a market information system

statforce® offers external market data and (predictive) analytical tools to make better informed decisions more efficiently.  With statforce® you know today, which markets are attractive tomorrow. statforce® includes the following features:


  • Dashboard to select, analyze, and manage general and industry-specific external data
  • Factsheet (country specific and tailor-made)
  • Markt Attractiveness Ranking to compare countries, regions, and industry-specific external data
  • Predictions and forecasts for external market data, countries, and their market attractiveness
  • Data ex-/import and API data feed to create customized white label solutions

Global Market Research

C2NM offers high quality global market research services with scientific research methods.

Training / Coaching

C2NM offers specialized and tailor-made company-specific seminars, workshops, trainings, and coaching.

C2NM's areas of expertise includes all aspects of international and intercultural management like for example market knowledge, international market development, global leadership, or intercultural communication.

Restructuring and Market Exits

C2NM offers a professional and flexible task force to align local subsidiaries with international strategy and to turn around loss making subsidiaries.

C2NM helps its clients to exit country markets professionally with less resources, less risks, less damage to their reputation, and in less time in case of a changing foreign market attractiveness.


Current Publications


Lean Internationalization: How to Globalize Early and Fast in a Small Economy

This study examines the early market internationalization of 32 high-tech startups that operate internationally from small and open economies. It uses a comparative cross-national multiple case study research design to explore how such startups may differ in their speed of internationalization. Based on interviews with the founders, the speed of early market internationalization in these startups increases significantly due to the application of lean market development processes. The findings provide a basis for developing propositions for further comparative studies focusing on the early and fast internationalization of high-tech startups based in emerging and developed markets. The study contributes to the literature on networks, internationalization, and international entrepreneurship.


Global Market Strategies

How to Turn Your Company into a Successful International Firm

Global market strategies is the ultimate guide to turn your organization into a successful international enterprise, non-governmental- and non-profit-organization or government agency. The global management model helps you and your organization to develop a winning international strategy, to enter new international markets with fewer resources, lower risk and in less time and to manage intercultural teams efficiently. Therefore, proven methodologies are provided, for example, company2newmarket® and Statforce®. Statforce® is a global management information system which can easily be adapted to the specific situation of each organization. Global market strategies is published by Campus Verlag and available as Print and E-book. It is distributed by Chicago University Press.

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About C2NM

C2NM is an international business development firm.

C2NM offers services from the development of international strategies and global market research  to  market entries, turnarounds and market exits as well as intercultural trainings and seminars.

C2NM has clients from small and medium-sized enterprises, multi-nationals, non-governmental and non-profit-organisations to government agencies.

C2NM uses its own methodologies like the market development process company2newmarket®. Its application allows our clients to acquire NEW customers in NEW foreign markets in LESS time, with FEWER resources, and at LOWER risk. 

C2NM and its partners have more than twenty years of experience in all major global markets and industries.

C2NM acts as external project manager, interim manager, coach, or consultant to meet our clients' needs as good as possible.

Let internationalisation become your competitive advantage. We will succeed with you.

Portrait Michael Neubert

Michael NEUBERT - Founder & CEO

Michael studied at a number of internationally prestigious universities, including the Columbia Business School in the USA and the University of St. Gallen in Switzerland. He gained his PhD at the International School of Management. 

He has been working in international sales and marketing for more than twenty years and in this context has travelled to almost every corner of the earth. His jobs have ranged from international project manager to head of a foreign department and from the managing director of an overseas branch office to the post of CEO of an international corporation.

Since 2006, Michael is lecturing and conducting research in the field of international and intercultural sales and marketing as a Visiting Professor at various renowned universities like for example ULI in Vaduz (FL), UPA in Asuncion (Paraguay), FHV in Dornbirn (Austria), and ISM in Paris (France).

In 2011, Michael founded the c2nm LLC, which supports organizations in developing new foreign markets and increasing their intercultural competence. Michael is an expert of the Swiss Export Promotion Agency and an accredited lecturer of the Hofstede Institute. Moreover, he is actively invested in companies with high internationalization potential.

Michael speaks six languages and has lived in eight different countries. He has published multiple articles and books on the topic of International Management and is very enthusiastic about the international environment in which he finds himself. He is particularly proud of his library with its comprehensive selection of books on the subject of ‘International Management’.



Boost Your Career - Become a Certified Consulting Partner

C2NM is a  leading consulting, training, publication  and  IT development  firm specializing in the field of  international  and  intercultural management. With more than 20 years of experience, C2NM offers research-based and practically successful products and services which provide real value to your clients.

C2NM invites experienced, well-connected consultants from all over the world to join our Certified Consulting Partnership program. If you have a successful and proven professional expertise and management experience as well as an entrepreneurial mindset, we are looking forward to your application.

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Über c2nm

C2NM ist ein führendes Beratungs-, Trainings- und IT-Entwicklungsunternehmen, welches sich auf Lösungen im Bereich des internationalen und interkulturellen Managements spezialisiert hat.

Mit unseren Produkten und Dienstleistungen wird es auch Ihnen gelingen, mehr neue Kunden in mehr neuen Auslandsmärkten mit weniger Ressourcen und Risiken in kürzerer Zeit zu gewinnen.


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